Saturday, January 16, 2021

Weekly Foreign exchange Forecast (11/01/21) EurUsd / XauUsd / 30+ Pairs

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  • Great forecast

  • Tq John, take care…..

  • Happy new year John. Glad to have you back. Thanks for the top grade analysis as usual. See you in the Monday live planning room.

  • very nice market analysis and easy to understand…lets make profit!!!

  • Happy new year John. Great to have you back with your analysis. 1 and half times through course. Sooo good. Am currently long on AUDJPY, hoping to stay on till .83 area.

  • Hi John thanks for to help traders and comers. You have what's or telegram group also?

  • kindly where is the topic synthetic hedging in gmt course, am unable to find this spicific topic guide plz

  • Hello, according to monthly and weekly chart for USDCHF, is there a massive support at 0.87 and will we see a bounce back up to 0.92? is it even worth to sell at this point? I don't think it's worth a risk.

  • I love the advice to look for pull backs to look for buying opportunities rather than going in as the chart is moving up. And vice versa for the downtrends. Thanks for the tips.

  • Great Job

  • Thanks

  • Hey John Happy New Year. Thank you

  • As always simple yet elegant analysis and way forward guidance …. in fact i was waiting for it .. 🙂

  • Hello John! What are the confluences you use to predict the direction of market? And your take profit?

  • So happy you are back, your analysis really helps me establish a structure for my trading. Thanks for including some wave identification to the analysis very interesting! When you mention pull-backs, do you look for Fib retracements? If you do, what are your preferences, .382 or .5 on a 4hr maybe? Thanks again.

  • Please add usd /zar and usd peso PLEASE im a SWAP whore

  • Hey John Happy New Year family. Glad you back and with a wonderful analysis. Your coarse has helped me a lot. Thanks again and welcome back.

  • Thank you Mr. J.F. great to hear from you hope you had a grt holidays! Concerning signals is it best idea to grab the pips/profit and go while trading or wait till final maturity?? sometimes i wait till the end and i end up loosing. Please advice!!

  • Why dont you have telegram channel and notify member when the trade will happen anytime soon? I definitely join monthly premium telegram service.

  • thank god you are back , we need structure , guidance and patience , in these choppy markets , Happy New Year John and everyone , lets see where the money is this year !

  • Hello John, following the trends, great analysis! Thank you John, take care.

  • Happy and prosperous 2021 John and welcome back!!

  • Wellcome back john❤

  • Nice analysis…clean n simple, dont fight the trend for now…only one I might disagree with is GBPCHF. Thnks for sharing!!

  • You are welcome to 2021 Boss. Thanks for a wealthy 2020 and I am happy to trade with you 2021. Good days ahead of us in 2021, by God's grace

  • Turn on auto text and auto translation 🙁

  • KNOWLEDGE SHARE AND FUN January 11, 2021 At 9:20 am

    Ok Boss Thanks

  • KNOWLEDGE SHARE AND FUN January 11, 2021 At 9:20 am

    Really your analysis so good .

  • KNOWLEDGE SHARE AND FUN January 11, 2021 At 9:20 am

    Thanks for video

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