Saturday, January 16, 2021

The right way to Enter The Greatest and Hardest TRENDS in Foreign exchange Buying and selling and How To Attain the Highest PROFITS!!

Get The FULL Model of this EMA Technique and transfer instantly from failure to success! The entire hidden secrets and techniques which can be by no means revealed on my channel, and …


  • Hi King of Forex. Gold content as always! each time learning more and more from you. King I am using the full version and today I was riding this uptrend in eur usd at the same time I think when you were riding this aud usd uptrend I made 20% profits on my account in 1 hour which is great, I was never able to do that in the past, and I was controling my emotions to keep holding on it and adding on my winnings. My family is very thankful King, you're the one and only in this market!! Thank you for your channel and most importantly for your website!!

  • Thank you so much for your teaching, it is so amazing

  • Excellent!!!!

  • Sir can we know that ! Which country do you belong

  • tried your strategy to keep buying on tough trends. yesterdays usdchf rally to the downside. I am not sure if it will ever go up to where my orders are. But on its way down it reach 200 ema multiple times but i was not in profit even after dollar cost averaging. You can see yourself. Your strategy is good in choppy markets and range bound markets. But tough trends is only going to blow up your account if not today then tomorrow. Please have a look at the chart and tell me where i went wrong.

  • I was waiting for a video on trading THE REAL TOUGH TRENDS……caught one yesterday on GbpUsd…i had to close it on a big loss…..this is the first loss i took ,being practising ur strategy from 1.5 months now…hopefully i will gain some knowledge frm this video…..thankyou bro… 🙂

  • Successfully apply your guide on how to trade through tough trend. It works and as you said practice makes better. If I had more courage (close some of the trade earlier), I would reap a bigger profit.

    Timing is getting better and the cost averaging method is life-saving. Thanks, KOF, all the way!

  • hi sir, i have one doubt in your package, which package is cover all knowledge, please tell me

  • you really are great trader king. how i wish i can have money to learn forex & make a trade with you.

  • Hi. Thanks for sharing.
    Can you please provide a way for buying full version of your strategy via Bitcoin or Tether?
    Because I can't buy via credit card

  • King is the boss! Amazing video King of Forex! I loved it! Again, thank you so much for all you do to help us all! Your efforts are always appreciated on this end!

    Thank you Sir!

  • Hey king when do u do live trades so I can join in n can u give some notice before hand please, best channel there is king of Kings, king of forex

  • Do you use higher timeframes for confirmation of a strong trend? Or do u just go with whatever the 1 min timeframes is doing?

  • Thanks for sharing, Sir!

  • How about giving ur loyal viewers a giveaway prize for free course

  • Hi King! Thank you for this video. I have bought the complete skill set with the full version of the ema strategy from your website. I started to see very fast results, it's my first time everr winning in Forex after many failures I was so glad investing my money finally in the right place!!! Also one question you always recommend to trade high volatility times so is there a specific time preferred to trade ?? Because I am trading almost all day long and want to make sure that it's the right way. Thanks in advance.

  • My King! Always missing you!!

  • Thank you so muchh!! Purchased all the products on your website and I am your proud customer. I learned the right information finally and found that I've been wasting my time in the past with others materials I wasn't even mastering the basics before buying the complete trading skill set from you. I have unlearned everything I've wasted my time on in the past and I can feel it that I am on the right path because of you the King of the market! Much loveee

  • Within the first days using the full version. Made 363$ in profits from trading a 450$ account and on my way to flip it I think by tomorrow. Words are not enough King!! You're the real deal!

  • King!! Been waiting for you. Always checking your channel for new videos. Thank you so much! The best Forex Channel on Youtube Ever!

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