Tuesday, January 19, 2021

The BEST Foreign exchange YouTube Channels *HIGHLY RECOMMEND*

These are a few of my private favorite Foreign exchange YouTube Channels that I’ve come throughout and luxuriate in watching. Hyperlinks to their channels are beneath & do not forget to …


  • Thanks for the love Candice! I’ll mention you in one of my next vids! ❤️

  • Check out Forex Visit, super dope channel

  • MARKET TRADING SECRETS January 11, 2021 At 9:08 am


  • Do check my mentor too at urban forex.

  • the swag academy is also a good channel for Swaggyc

  • Some good channels there, Rockfx though im not sure he is the real deal. Follow his channel a very long time and never once showed a live trade. Also his style changed from week to week sometimes in total circles. He is very resistant to showing live trades which is really sketchy. Its easy to go back over a chart on tradingvew but these people should be showing live trades or actual proof they can do what they sell. Myself and other people had many an argument with him about not showing any live trades and he would get mental defensive but refuse to show proof, seems like a scam to me.

  • Rayner teo

  • Great info. Check out Inner Circle Trader or ICT. He’s another level.

  • PLANET OF THE PIPS January 11, 2021 At 9:08 am

    Sleeping on TradingwithRayner

  • Try investors undergroumd weekly recaps for planning…nothing like it

  • matheusk mumbundu January 11, 2021 At 9:08 am

    how to trade demo

  • great channel really learning a lot

  • Jay Wayne…. Team take profits

  • the trading channel got me where I'm at

  • I loooove Hannah Forex. Not that it’s a bad thing At All but I only have Consistently watched you two for months, so thanks for the recommendations!

  • Hi,
    U did go through my message in ur instagram.

  • Anyone want cuebanks course, hmu on telegram for it 🙂

  • Uncle Ted the Con man

  • thanks it was real helpful

  • Hannah Forex is definitely in my TOP 3! Absolutely love her and you! Ya'll are my favourite traders

  • Well your Channel is the best you very humble and Helped me alot you just simplify everything!♥️

  • I have a recommendation Technical FX is a great YouTube channel in my opinion

  • I'm not going to lie. I started following you because I seriously respect that you don't just start sharing a ton of "course" affiliate links. So, I'm going to take your recommendations more to heart than I do these other people. It's hard to tell who is trying to sell you on stuff and I appreciate that you don't do that. Sure, you have books etc but that is so much smaller than trying to get others to sign up for course. I subscribed and I may reach out when I can afford the time to learn etc. I would love to have you in my network. This is a skill I'm going to dedicate a minimum of 2 years to acquiring and I'm a software engineer so finances aren't an issue though my account will start with the smallest amount possible and as I become more comfortable then I'll invest more money into it. Thank you for the advice and information.

    I'm most definitely willing to risk a bit of market tuition 😀

  • My channel will be in the next update!

  • Big up Jamaicans! so proud of my him…

  • Wow! To come across you has been a blessing. Thanks for sharing this information…. I have been trying to find a woman's aspect on trading… so thanks again…

  • Loving the positive vibes!

  • Inner Circle Trader

  • Watch trader Nick

  • Check out forex chaser

  • Thanks great work.

  • Any binary traders?

  • I love love love….. Rockzfx & The trading Channel. I’ve learnt a lot from them

  • The only channel i agree with you i am aware of is the trading channel. During my beggining days as a trader. But im suprised you did not mention the likes of Adam Khoo, Urbanfx, Rayner Teo, No Nonsense Forex. but will look up these ones uve mentioned never heard of them except for hannah and shawn. Nick shawn is okay but not on same level to the guys mentioned above if you need to understand forex as a beginner. i critize him on some of his trades. Same as jaytakeprofits. Funny enough if you have a strategy that works well for you and have discipline you can be like shawn and jaytake profits and co. But the guys i mentioned have it all and their videos are for free!!!!!! cant blv that.

    Then goes the master of Motivation and psychology (Oliver velez) he is mostly into the stock market but his approach towards trading in general is perfect for any "i want to give up trader"! i hope i made some contribution.

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