Thursday, February 25, 2021

Stay Intraday 5-Minute Value Motion Buying and selling | Foreign exchange Value Motion Scalping Technique | day buying and selling

Chapters 0:00 Foreign exchange Go to Intro 0:36 SellTrade 9:21 SellTrade Subscribe to my Channel to study Value Motion Buying and selling Methods Stay Intraday 5 Minute Value Motion …


  • Please give us back the old voice, this one is not good

  • You are brilliant Sir

  • Best Channel ever for forex learning yet….Most welcome…

  • Wow ,The best .

  • exness is terrible. 2 times touch TP hahaha

  • You are my inspiration man.. Friday I start to trade in real. 3 wins and 1 loss… Profit is 28$ .. Thanks man

  • Thanks u so much, I hope i can learn from u much more.

  • Your video gives me lot of confidence

  • Thank for adding diagrams and tips it makes things clear

  • Thank you

  • great work. thank you

  • great work. thank you

  • great work. thank you

  • great work. thank you

  • great work. thank you

  • good demonstration using diagram to guide the upcoming trend… liked it.. as always.

  • Thank you sir.

  • Is someone membership with him I want to know if he provide good signal

  • Next video please replace your background music previous one.. that was superb..

  • Your price action analysis is superbb

  • Thank you for the new format with the drawing explanation of the pattern!

  • where is ur stoploss and target

    not placed?? this is not proper trading method

  • Please translate indonesia lenguage

  • Hi, can you do more videos on using high volume times to trade gbpusd like the one you have done before ? thanks

  • Unbelievable

  • great work. thank you

  • I really enjoy your videos… keep making them

  • I learn a lot by watching your videos, thank you!

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