Friday, February 26, 2021

Methods to double your account | FREE FOREX STRATEGY 2021

Free weekly market evaluation and account progress step-by-step steerage group, entry is $50 minimal deposits. Be a part of right here …


  • Hi guys good channel, before I start with you Emmanuel Forex, was wondering how it goes for me to pay tax from my forex account, do you know how this works?

  • Bernardo Velazquez January 27, 2021 At 10:22 am

    At first, I thought that this is one of those gimmicks when I saw the good talks online and after reaching him I decided to trade with him with the money I can affored to lose. After starting the trade back then, I was very suprised when I received my payment earlier than I stipulated. I really want to thank you Mr Jason C Trine for using your intelligence and experience as a means to uplift people.

  • How do u set you charts like that on the phone I want my box to look like yours

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  • Hello, I'm new to forex trade and I have been making huge losses but I recently see a lot of people earning from it. Can someone please tell me what i'm doing wrong

  • He didn’t make all that much money. He made 1600€ aproximately. It’s good, dont get me wrong, but his wallet is set on ZAR. Is noone payin’ attention to the fact that he was trading with 0.1 lotsize?! Lmfao

  • Wow, i always make money but end up losing it again, this was helpful.

    Thank you

  • I wish all mentors could see this, this is great my brother am gonna share this link with lesiba

  • fantastic analysis! Well done for not pulling out when the market wasn’t in your favour I just have one question when price hit support the first time why didn’t you use fib buy, set TP a few pips below 61.8% retracement then sell after? Profits would have been greater

  • Very interesting topic and also thanks for the enlightenment. Side note you should look up the THE SEMYON TCHERNENKO STRATEGY Thank me later

  • ZASHA AFRICA ENTERTAINMENT January 27, 2021 At 10:22 am

    Hi Emmanuel
    I have a question which leverage do you mostly use on your accounts….how does it profit and affect your trading.
    Thank you

  • Thanks to u man FX Goat from Facebook to YouTube I'm impressed by how u analyse and the machines u guys drive BIG UP I now need a PC to analyse this SHOUT OUT TO PEEPLS LIKE U WHO AIN'T GREEDY TO SHARE THE KNOWLEDGE

  • Hoyoooo

  • Most newbies fail simple because they don't understand how the market works in general,in particular how the market relate to the stoke or the currency pair they entering.for new traders the market are like entrying an f1 race before you have passed your driver's license test,am a beginner I never believed I could make $40,000 in just one week in trading and with the market ,an expert financial analyst and he made me lean to read and understand the language of price action.all thanks to Mr kendric gate for all he has done for me in this past fill day's,I just received my first withdrawals of $40k in my account right now. I guess this the only way to show some appreciation to Mr kendric financial debit when I needed him most ,thank you very much sir may God continue to bless you sir.

    [email protected]gmail.com

  • can you show how to put the rectangles properly on iphone its hard i wish i had a laptop

  • Shout out to what you are doing bro.i also wanted to say you missed intraday trading.scalp,intraday,and swing. Peace bro all love

  • FX MONEY TEAM OFFICIAL January 27, 2021 At 10:22 am

    which bitcoin wallet can we use for that broker

  • fx Goat Yesss sir!!!!

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