Friday, February 26, 2021

IRAQ NEWS UPDATE 1/11/21: | IQD Iraqi Dinar Forex Alternate RV | XRP Ripple SEC

IRAQ NEWS: The most recent Iraqi information regarding what’s occurring in Iraq and the Iraqi Dinar funding. Chat with the Dinar group overtly and freely with out …


  • The argument now is that due to the sudden pump and considering indicators such as the RSI, a sudden dump as much as 50% should be anticipated and this is prompting a lot of people to sell their assets now (BTC and ETH) with an intention to buy back at lower prices. BTC and ETH RSI’s at both 89% shows over-bought so this theory is actually logical but like Kouroush AK said, RSI is not a good indicator when it comes to measuring “parabolic uptrends.” Instead, it works fairly well in determining movements in ranging markets. I have been focused on accumulating more btc instead by trading and with signals from Nathan Webb, i was able to trade with less than 2 btc, and increased my portfolio to over 7btc in just a few weeks. Nathan (Telegram (@webbnathan) and WhatsApp (+44 7782648398) ) provides some of the best insights I have been exposed to in crypto trading.

  • trump will be the only president to be impeached twice…

  • Oh boy here we go first of the year something's going to happen. this guy's so full of s*** along with breeling and many others. These people are never going to revalue their money. Look at Vietnam 40 years later.

  • later is good, now is always better.

  • Las aventuras de Ryan Mejia January 17, 2021 At 9:06 am

    Fake is not Rv

  • I seen one of the guru's say we should buy Iran money because when joe biden gets in it should go up when we go back in to the iran nuclear deal. I know you cant give money advice but im not looking to buy it. Just want to know what you think personally I kinda feel like I dont think I want to support iran. Thank you and if you feel cant answer I understand.

  • Thanks for the information.

  • 7 years on this ride every body post your years im still behind. Trump

  • Trump signing the Insurrection Act was a false flag…If he had signed it all the media, Pelosi, Biden and Harris would be screaming.

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