Thursday, January 21, 2021


  • Based on historical data scrolling up and smashing the like button under this video is a better investment than day trading

  • 2:55 Got some solid WAP on the line

  • Hey Biaheza check out No Nonsense Forex youtube channel!!

  • I'm happy day trading forex, would never recommend those bogus signals though. Look at the historical data, follow trends and if you don't know or not confident where the trend is moving during consolidation periods don't invest. Always try to maximize profits and minimize the loss. Learn to read bars, candles etc.

  • 9:06 for the most important message

    I enjoyed watching this and his other Forex videos in full, but that is the conclusion

  • you…just…took…signals?

  • I Got Josh’s YT channel terminated January 13, 2021 At 9:04 am

    bruh u lost 10% on signals and compared it to poker.. 10% should never be risked like that unless u dont know wtf your doing

  • What a wast of 10 minutes and this guy had no idea what he is on about

  • my demo account does well but i fear my actual acc gonna screw me lmao

  • is he dancing

  • Great videos man keep it up,

    totally get your points on forex being more gambling than a successful way to make money, but I think with time to learn more about the market and learning to be consistent with your trades it becomes a less risky as me and my friend have been trading on £1000 accounts for a while and in 3 months doubled out initial investment. It’s not tones of money but I’m still in school and didn’t have a lot to start with.

    And after a lot of research and learning my dad doubled his £25,000 in a month and the month after getting £27,000 profit so it can be a good way to make money without tones of risk involved.

  • I can teach you how to open a position with zero float/Small float. Low risk high reward

  • fx takes long time to master, long long time

  • Who knows what movie that robot is from?

  • Biaheza who would you say was your best signal provider?

  • Dread the Trucker January 13, 2021 At 9:04 am

    Seems stocks are gambling 2

  • That’s exactly what a person who follows signals would say “It’s gambling”

  • Millennium Limited January 13, 2021 At 9:04 am

    Thank you biaheza. The real money in Forex has nothing to do with trading and more with getting others trained and ready to lose there money so you can make yours. I know of traders that day trade and to some degree are profitable if you reviewed over a long period of time and when I watch them trade its extremely different. The study 50 hours a chart to make 1 trade that lasts a few seconds and that covers there trades for the complete day

  • day trading with 50k but only 10k XDD

  • I can help with signals brother you have lot of cash

  • Love your videos. I watch the adds to try and pay for more videos like this!

  • Dude didn’t even try putting a floor and ceiling lines and or anything lmaoo

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