Wednesday, January 20, 2021

How I made My First GHC100,000 from Buying and selling Foreign exchange | Kojoforex

How I made My First Ghc100,000 from Tradin Foreign exchange Lots of instances, persons are delusional about cash. Folks will dream about making 1,000,000 {dollars} when …


  • We need proves of all what you are talking about here….

  • The-Random-Tech-Lad November 13, 2020 At 9:28 am

    Let's go g

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  • Chinedu Henry Nnamani November 13, 2020 At 9:28 am


  • How can I join your telegram channel


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  • This is very inspiring Kojo. Thanks for sharing such amazing success story.

  • King of Blues ,great motivation

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  • Blessings Youssef Elsherif u are an amazing broker indeed

  • Job well done

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  • BERNARD OSEI NSAFOA November 13, 2020 At 9:28 am

    Dope bro

  • You're the real GOAT bro. King blues

  • Do you trade prop firms?

  • Big ups bro…. Keep inspiring us… God no go shame us

  • God bless you Kojo

  • From the bottom to the Top, I love seeing my brothers rise up and try to help others

  • Can I have your email plz

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  • george kwakye addo November 13, 2020 At 9:28 am

    It’s inspirational.. nice

  • Keep soaring high

  • All 22:15 minutes was so worth it ! Your a go getter ! Learnt a lot

  • Good to have you back on the tube, thanks for sharing your experience.

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  • Legend

  • really

  • Great experience kojo

  • Kojo-fix ! I want trade like you big bro

  • Secondly in all honesty how many percent of your account where you risking on the 3000 ghana cedis account? If you were not risking in percent, then what was your cumulative lot size per trade, did you twin trade?.

  • Please I'd love to know how long it took you make the 25,000 ghana cedis from the 3000 ghana cedis,
    And how also how long before you got to your 100k mark.

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