Friday, February 26, 2021

George Levy – How Can You Convert Your Cryptocurrency into Fiat Forex?

presents: One of many college students of the Cryptocurrency Fundamentals course asks “How are you going to convert your cryptocurrency into fiat …


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  • Can u always sell wot if nobody wants to buy

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  • Rogerinho Da Silva January 20, 2021 At 2:53 pm

    I knew that you can't buy, nor sell an Altcoin, unless you change it from fiat to BTC or the other way around. Is this statement false?

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  • only description
    no work

  • Very informative. Best video I have watched regarding this topic.

  • Can crypto currency be doubled, just like stocks or is it just electronic money that can make electronuc transactions

  • Bijin Regi panicker January 20, 2021 At 2:53 pm

    how cryptocurrency get the money power?

  • I need to monetize a spurt can the same process be applied??

  • i can buy btc for fiat but cant sell it

  • lol do a video of you actually selling btc for fiat even 5$ lol i bin on coinbase for 3 years an the sell option is not available to me cause in canadian

  • It is very convenient to buy Crypto but the conversion back to cash is both cumbersome and fee laden. BTM doesn't work to cash out as outlined in a video here. Dream on cryptomaniacs.

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  • Hello sir!
    I have a coinbase. and I try to sell my crytocarancy as test.
    But not working. say,,, it's not available or apply to my country I think. I'm Australia.
    Do you have answer or know anything?
    And also I have blockchain.
    Btw… if I linked my coinbase to bank account, do I have to pay? Thank you very much.
    Please reply appreciated
    Is that

  • very helpful. tks

  • very informative

  • My question is how exactly do I convert it? Do I transfer from say, Exodus to Binance then how do I get it to fiat? is there a button or help there. I need details.

  • thanks for the many great examples

  • Hello George, Great video. But is it better, cheaper (fee) and faster to exchange your crypto into bitcoin, ethereum or ripple and than cash out?? Can you cash out big amounts such as 200000, 500000, 1 miljoen or 2 minjoen?

    Greets Gerold

  • Daniel Bull Runner Lamb January 20, 2021 At 2:53 pm

    If I want to cashout 10,000 of Etherium in gdax how much would I set the limit price? Should I click on any sell order?

  • Also withdrawal into PayPal, PayPal and wire transfer ? Please tell

  • This was really a good explanation

  • Thank you for your explanation.

  • nice idea

  • This video is very useful and worth the watch.

  • Pure Entertainment January 20, 2021 At 2:53 pm


  • Interesting , but will enjoy time when will not need to convert into Fiat

  • joann Loves CountryLife January 20, 2021 At 2:53 pm

    This video needs an update…banks and Visa have taken steps to stop btc to fist….Visa has canceled cards…banks have closed customer accounts for linking to coinbase……this whole cryptoworld is on dangerous ground unless Amazon or PayPal step up soon

  • Kittywampus Drums January 20, 2021 At 2:53 pm

    Coinbase doesn't work correctly and fees are ridiculous. All the toher exchanges will take a long time to get verified. You need to have more than one way to cash out to fiat in case something happens to one.

  • I have a Bitpay visa card.I noticed that you did not mention it in your video. Please advise

  • this information was amazing! IF i want to withdraw my crypto from coinbase, back into my bank account (FIAT) – what are the ways to get around the fee structure coinbase has?

  • F gdex and coinbase sucks

  • Cat April Watters January 20, 2021 At 2:53 pm

    Hello George, So Blockchain is just the wallet? You need Coinbase or a debit card to exchange? I wanted to sell some of my btc in blockchain to pay some bills. Do you think btc will go back up?

  • Which method has the lowest fees?

  • I can not get my euros from the coinbase

  • Thanks man appreciate the clear concise explanation

  • Thanks alot! great explanation.

  • lets say I sell BTC for one million USD on exchanges..how can I withdraw it?
    Does exchange has ready 1 or 5 million dollars??

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