Friday, January 22, 2021

do Actual Time Foreign money Conversion in Excel

This video tutorial reveals, how you can do actual time foreign money conversions in Microsoft Excel with dwell change charges from the European Central Financial institution. You may learn the way …


  • Thank you, this is the most helpful video i've found on youtube so far regarding how to do this!!!

  • hii what if i dont have the "from web" option and i only have the "from html". ?

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  • kesava subramanyam January 10, 2021 At 8:57 am

    please make a video on learning uipath roadmap where,how and what to learn from beginning like explain roadmap please

  • isn't a quicker way to do this using the built in Excel stock tool in the Data ribbon? For example, you insert USD/GBP in a cell and then go to data ribbon and hit stock. This should automatically update the curreny rate. Are you not a fan of this method?

  • How to record this data on 1 min timeframe and plot chart please answer

  • Hi Anders, thanks for your great videos, been a pleasure watching them so far. Could you do a video on working with Power Point? I need to transfer a description from a CRM to an always same formatted PPT. Thanks for your great work, greetings from Switzerland, Lukas

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