Wednesday, January 27, 2021

China Economic system | What's Behind the 70-Years' China Forex Alternate Fee

The Chinese language Yuan, or Renminbi, has been a widely-discussed subject for a few years. The U.S. authorities has complained about China’s forex being …


  • Hope china becomes number 1

  • We just have to watch what kind of god delivered them. For me, you just have to look at Sodom and Gomorrah or maybe during Paraoh’s time and right there- I could claim that God -The Messiah, is our Refuge!

  • James loves a peaceful world January 10, 2021 At 8:34 am

    Mike Pompeo: "I was the CIA director. We lied, we cheated, we stole. We had entire training courses. True color of US.

  • James loves a peaceful world January 10, 2021 At 8:34 am

    Keep brainwashing! Next time, please make a video and tell the whole world how US lies, manipulates, cheats, steals, bullies, invades,

  • Carter and DemonRATS start detroy America and Clinton SOLD everything to China for MONEY.

  • Relationships with CHINA is Injurious for Health

  • Every country manipulate its currency one way or another. What do you think "pegged" mean? Not to mention the US Fed for mass printing currency since 1971. If you peg the US dollar to gold, it should be $20,000 an ounce. Instead, it's now $2000 per ounce. Now that's manipulation

  • SinAlbert CK WONG January 10, 2021 At 8:34 am

    Give it up. Now China is a 70 years manipulation.



  • Monopoly Money.

  • The Wizard Merlin January 10, 2021 At 8:34 am

    Hopefully hong kong escapes the communist clutches to prevent them doing the same to the HKD

  • Debasish Ray Chawdhuri January 10, 2021 At 8:34 am

    Well, the CCP is not making itself more desirable to the other countries, so it looks like the dollar is gonna stay. The IMF is dumb as shit. How can a currency that is not freely traded be a reserve currency?

  • Hats off the hardwork and the analysis.

  • Biden and Harris will make China Great Again and destroy America

  • Winston Churchill also said the only way to con a conman is to make them think they're conning you -> https://youtu.be/ZP0UaeD3gd0

  • It's taken less than 12 months and a preventable virus for the whole world to see what a failure China's communist dictatorship is.
    Led by corrupt, greedy, insecure, peasant criminals. Indoctrinated in a backwards thinking Maoist ideology.
    The nations of the world have had enough of this two faced lying bully.
    China has been exposed, it has lost face over and over.
    The CCP has always been a doomed and cursed cult and the country is headed for civil war and a catastrophic end.

  • When something is moving in one direction then you change that direction that will cause a huge disruption
    Winston Churchill commented on the further back you look the further forward you can see
    Where would the Chinese economy be if it was on a level playing field is your answer to the puzzle

  • China needs foreign currencies to buy goods/resources from other countries. Right now they're getting hammered in every front- getting cut off from US capital markets, losing out on large foreign contracts, losing on trade when companies shift to another countries, etc. If they're doing so well, why do you think they're imposing stupid policies like food rationing? Food is one thing they need to import. China is starving for foreign currencies and nobody wants to accept yuan as payment. Why would you if you have the risk of losing 20% overnight due to CCP change in policy.

  • I think the RMB will soon be low grade toilet paper.

  • -_- This is so poorly explained compared to Economics Explained.

    China basically sets a fixed exchange rate of 5 yuan per dollar. If the people trade at a lower rate, they are going to lose out and they might as well trade with a government, if they trade at a higher rate, they are going to get short-changed and they might as well trade with the government.

    The catch is that China's government needs to hold large reserves of US currency for this to work since they are the creditors.

    By fixing exchange rates by setting prices China holds the power to control the value of the currency.

    Devaluation is the correct term to use and currency depreciation/appreciation is a totally different topic.

  • China was smart from the onset

  • Can't believe they have managed to tame trilema problem

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