Saturday, January 16, 2021

1st FOREX Forecast In 2021 (We Are Again❗)

Foreign exchange Buying and selling, Study To Commerce, Value Motion, Wave Evaluation, We Commerce Waves… Concerning the Month-to-month-Subscription-Service for simply …


  • Nice one

  • Welcome back we have really missed this

  • Welcome back masters <3

  • Lets go 2021!

  • Great analysis – thank you

  • i have a public commenit for everyone here……you two guys are without doubt the best analysers out there today ,,,,i subscribe to the weekly analysis because quite frankly i would be a fool not too and will more than likely be indebted to you for what you have given me for years to come,,,,[m not here too demand or expect more ,,,, that would be rude and obnocious im here to give you advice,,,,,take a break guys your partner is poorly to say the least go hold his hand till he is better time out…..you can trade waves but you cant trade lives

  • Happy new year

  • Thank you ! You're the Best !

  • Good
    We miss u teacher

  • Happy New Year. Welcome back 🙂

  • I believe I see what you describe as a corrective wave which I think I see on the USD/GBP. These moves have puzzled me since sometimes they go no for weeks. I will visit your site. Thank you.

  • Yeah, yeah, yeah, WTW are back in the game. Let's rock 2021

  • Glad to be back

  • Merry New Year 🙂 Thank you guys do for everything you do for the Forex community here on YouTube.

  • Sir Up said I was lost I missed you so much

  • Every impulse we will get an impulse

  • Welcome back! Was waiting for your video. Good stuffs!
    Key chart to watch is DXY. Basically, AUDUSD/NZDUSD movement are the same.
    DXY direction will also determine USDCAD, EURUSD and USDCHF movement. Didn't really monitor GBP pairs and did not trade USDJPY.
    Wishing you the best of trades in 2021!

  • i hope the DXY tanks this week

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